Kiambere HEPP

  • Type of Project: Rehabilitation of Equipment for 5 x 425MW Francis Turbines at an Existing Hydro Power Plant
  • Customer: Alstom Hydro France

Scope of Work:

Supply of Skilled Manpower and Erection Equipment/Tools for the Rehabilitation of 5 x 425MW Francis Turbines (work performed under supervision of Alstom supervisors):

  • Disassembly and Reassembly of Turbine Shaft to Generator Rotor
  • Rehabilitaiton of Thrust Bearing and Turbine Guide Bearings
  • Removal of Existing Thrust Collar and Replacement of New Thrust Collar
  • Rehabilitation of Thrust Cones
  • Rehabilitation of Operating Rings by Replacing with Self-lubricated Bushes
  • Removal and Rehabilitation of all Guide Vane Linkages
  • Removal and Rehabilitation of Servomotors

Removal and Installation of New Governor Oil Pumps and Piping


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