Over 30 years of experience

We have invested in increasing capacity and equipped our factory with heavy-duty machinery that is unique within the geographic region we operate in, which enables us to produce large dimension heavy-fabricated parts for our customers according to the required specifications. 

We perform Machining of Large Dimension parts at our factory, using the following conventional machines:


  • Plano Milling/Boring Machine( X = 6000mm, Y = 2500mm, Z = 2000mm) with a 3000mm x 3000mm Rotary Indexing Table, 40 ton loading capacity, and a travel length of 1500mm.

We have machined work-pieces up to 6500mm in diameter on this machine.


  • Double Column Vertical Turret Lathe: 2300mm diameter x 1600mm height x 20 ton loading capacity.


  • Horizontal/Vertical Milling Machine: X = 1600mm, Y = 500mm, Z = 600mm


  • Vertical Milling Machine: X = 1200mm, Y = 600mm, Z = 400mm


  • Horizontal Lathe: 655mm diameter x 6000mm length


  • Horizontal Lathe:  800mm diameter x 1000mm length