Manufacturing of Generator Parts for Hydro Power Plants

We manufacture the following Generator Parts for Hydro Power Plants at our factory in Nairobi:

  • Stator Frame
  • Sole plates for Stator
  • Lower Bracket
  • Upper Bracket Arms with Bearing Support
  • Slip Ring (Support and Cover)
  • Generator Air Housing
  • Generator Pit cover
  • Brake Track segments
  • Thrust Bearing supports
  • Key Bar¬†Holding Plates
  • Piping for Air Cooler

Installation of Generators for Hydro Power Plants

For Hydro Power Projects, we perform complete on-site installation of Generators (including Stacking and Winding of Stator, and Assembling of Rotor Spider, Rotor Rim and Rotor Poles in the powerhouse), Auxiliary Systems, Electrical Systems, and Excitation System.