Over 30 years of experience

We have invested in increasing capacity and equipped our factory with heavy-duty machinery that is unique within the geographic region we operate in, which enables us to produce large dimension heavy-fabricated parts for our customers according to the required specifications. 

We perform Machining of Large Dimension parts at our factory, using the following conventional machines:


  • Plano Milling/Boring Machine( X = 6000mm, Y = 2500mm, Z = 2000mm) with a 3000mm x 3000mm Rotary Indexing Table, 40 ton loading capacity, and a travel length of 1500mm.

We have machined work-pieces up to 6500mm in diameter on this machine.


  • Double Column Vertical Turret Lathe: 2300mm diameter x 1600mm height x 20 ton loading capacity.


  • Horizontal/Vertical Milling Machine: X = 1600mm, Y = 500mm, Z = 600mm


  • Vertical Milling Machine: X = 1200mm, Y = 600mm, Z = 400mm


  • Horizontal Lathe: 655mm diameter x 6000mm length


  • Horizontal Lathe:  800mm diameter x 1000mm length

From The Gallery

We have a select of images from our gallery that may describe best where Heavy Engineering Limited started.

Boring of Holes
Dimension Checking of Generator Guide Bearing Collar on NDE Shaft
Drilling of New Holes on Operating Ring
Machining of Bronze Bearing
Machining of Cement Mill Trunnion Bearing Surface
Machining of Generator Guide Bearing
Machining of Generator Brake Track Segments
Machining of Generator Guide Bearing Collar on NDE Shaft
Machining of Generator Guide Bearing