Gitaru Power Station Extension

Type of Project: Extension of 1 x 81MW (Francis) Additional Unit at an Existing Hydro Power Plant

Customer: Voith Hydro GmbH, Germany

Scope of Work:  

Manufacture of the following parts for an 81MW Francis Turbine:

  • Spiral Casing
  • Pit Liner 

Installation of the following Turbine Parts:

  • Spiral Casing
  • Turbine
  • Governor
  • Butterfly Main Inlet Valve
  • Cooling Water System
  • Drainage System
  • Electrical Installations


Customer: Siemens AG, Germany

Scope of Work:

Installation of:

  • 95MVA Generator
  • 95MVA Transformer
  • Unit Control and Protection System
  • Electrical Auxiliary System
  • 220kV Switchyard Equipment