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Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme - South Africa

Bujagali HEPP (2009 - 2012) - Uganda
Olkaria Modular Geothermal Plant Pilot Project (2012) - Kenya
Owen Falls (Kiira) Power Station Rehabilitation (2010) - Uganda
Kiambere Power Station Rehabilitation (2008-2010) - Kenya
Nairobi South Power Plant Extension (2009) - Kenya
Lafarge Bamburi Cement Nairobi Grinding Plant Extension (2008) - Kenya
Sondu Miriu HEPP (2005-2007) - Kenya
Kamburu Kindaruma Gitaru Power Station Rehabilitation (2005-2007) - Kenya
Kajakai Hydro Power Station Rehabilitation (2004-05) - Afghanistan
Cahora Bassa Power Station Rehabilitation (2004-05) - Mozambique
Owen Falls (Kiira) Power Station Extension (2003-04) - Uganda
Khashm El Girba HEPP (2002-04) - Sudan
Gil Gel Gibe I HEPP (2001-04) - Ethiopia
Gitaru HEPP (1999-2000) - Kenya
Kapichira HEPP (1998-99) - Malawi
Chashma HEPP (1996) - Pakistan
Tedzani III HEPP (1994-95) - Malawi
Turkwell Gorge HEPP (1989-90) - Kenya
Kiambere HEPP (1985-87) - Kenya

Heavy Engineering Ltd, located in Nairobi Kenya, is an established engineering company with vast experience in the energy sector in East and Central Africa since 1980.

As shown in our Lists of Products and Services as well as our Project References, we are specialized in:

    • Manufacturing and Installation of Large Dimension Steel Components for Power Plants (Turbine Parts, Generator Parts, Radial and Sliding Gates, Penstocks, Pressure Vessels)
    • Complete Installation of Turbines, Generators, and Auxiliary Equipment
    • Machining of Large Dimension Steel Components
    • Manufacture and Installation of EOT and Gantry Cranes
    • Mechanical and Electrical Installations

We offer our Manufacturing and Installation services to the following sectors:

    • Hydro Power Generation
    • Diesel Power Generation
    • Geothermal Power Generation
    • Wind Power Generation
    • Oil and Gas Industries
    • Mining Industries
    • Cement Production Plants